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Digital Marketing

Internet & Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing

1. Best way to connect to the largest audience from a single platform with

minimal resources and expenses

2. Best of the organizations like Coca Cola, Marie Claire, LG Electronics,

Lego toys, Hampton Hotels, MasterCard etc. have successfully implemented

digital marketing campaigns over last few years now and have reaped the

benefits tremendously.

3. Coca Cola used the digital marketing campaigns to involve their employees

in Olympic 2012. This not only increased their visibility across the globe but

also increased the employee satisfaction.

4. Iconic clothing brand Henri Lloyd used multinational digital rebranding

and improving their online presence. Henri Lloyd now amongst top online

brands in clothing.

5.Pizza hut provided a connected and personalized experience to the

customers through their comprehensive online presence using digital


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

1. The future way – Digital Marketing is the way the marketing is to be going

to be driven from now onwards. Conventional ways of marketing are no

longer the best way. With the boom in e-commerce and social media,everyone is moving from brick and mortar to digital space.InternetDigitalMarketing2

2. Initial Movers advantage – As of now, not many resources are available with in depth knowledge on Digital Marketing. Be one of the initial movers andgain the upper hand.

3. Learn from the experts – We have engaged the best brains in the industry with a sea of practical and implementation experience in the field to give you the best available knowledge and share the real life case studies and experiences to prepare you for the real world.

4. Future options – Be ready to be employed with best of the players in the

industry like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction on Digital Marketing Strategy

Module 2: Market Research and Content Strategy

Module 3: Managing Digital Assets

Module 4: Managing Customer Relationships and Social Media

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing management & Optimization

Module 6:Online Advertising &Digital Direct Channels

Module 7: Digital Campaigns Management

Module 8: Web Analytics in E-Commerce.

2016 was a very interesting year for digital marketing as some poignant trends were displayed. One of them is that social searches have increased exponentially with Facebook developing its own search algorithm. Real time live marketing is taking place using social platforms such as Google Trends, Twitter or Snapchat which was particularly leveraged by Gatorade. With the launch of Facebook Live and ongoing popularity of YouTube, live video streaming has taken on a new dimension. It now facilitates increased engagement as used up by 50 Cent to publicize their TV show Power. It also allows damage control as used by Southwest Airlines after several of its tickets got cancelled in a short span of time. The Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) model saw an evolution with hyper-focus from advertisers using social media platforms such as Pinterest or Twitter. The San Jose Sharks used Facebook’s targeted ads function to earn thirty three times more revenue than ad-spend. The market for Wearables also saw an increase mainly due to i-Watch. Advertising is now much more visually driven across all social media channels. The concept of remarketing is now being used to target potential customers who have visited the product page but have not made the final purchase. The scope of predictive analytics keeps rising thanks to further increase in availability of Big Data. Several brands are now combining mobile specific web sites with mobile apps to provide the ultimate progressive web apps. Overall the speed of usability of websites has accelerated as per data provided by Kissmetrics. This has been well provisioned by Accelerated Mobile Pages Project.



While several teams contribute to business success, present day trends point towards growing importance of IT. Thus marketers need to collaborate at a greater level with IT. SAS is one organization that has adopted IT as fulltime partner. Some best practices have thus emerged during such collaboration. First of all marketing and IT departments must focus on a common goal. Digital marketing for example cannot be executed without the common objectives of these two fields. The marketing strategy itself must explain the digital road map about to be pursued by the organization. By this data will be fortified as top priority, automation will be pursued and business analytics will be used to empower all marketers. Bridges must be established between marketing and IT to make sure their respective skills can be utilized effectively by the organization. Data needs to be used in a cohesive manner across the organization. Business reporting, use of graphics and trend analysis has to be maintained in single pattern.



Social media marketing can often go wrong if certain basic tenets are not follows properly. As social media is among the most important channels to conduct digital marketing it is crucial to keep in mind certain points. First of all, connect must be established with the right people rather than en masse. The approach must be tailored for the industry specific and influencers in the sector must be targeted. Also specific need related platform needs to be chosen as the same social media channel may not work for every requirement. Due market research needs to be conducted before plunging headlong into that industry. For this blogs on relevant issues need to be published, curated content shared and use of infographics made to arouse the interest. Each social media platform has a specific time when it gets best response. This needs to be taken care of for example Facebook does best between noon to 3 pm and LinkedIn between 7 and 9 am plus 5 and 6 pm in the evening. Finally, the marketers need to focus on the main objective of the organization. It is creative and attractive to develop a healthy social media presence, but ultimately it must lead to business benefits.



Brands need to take great care of their social media handles and presence due to the major role such platforms play in digital marketing. Thus some mistakes have been identified which must be avoided at all costs. Firstly, marketers must avoid posting incessantly. Similarly, followers must not be spammed regularly. There must be consistency across channels and in the message communicated. Posts must have some educational or broader appeal rather than selling constantly. Brands have a pre-conceived notion of themselves and their marketing campaigns. Such formulaic responses cannot be expected all the time as the market is dynamic, all the more so on social media which is largely used by younger people. Inappropriate jokes must be avoided as humour shows personality and that cannot be wrecked. Similarly, no part of corporate communication must display insensitivity towards others or social issues. Just to get the additional attention, brands often resort to leveraging the latest trends irrespective of being relevant. Unless the marketers fully grasp the concept, no trend must be blindly spoken of. The loyal followers must never be ignored, but constantly engaged with. Finally, integrity must remain strong so that no misinformation is broadcast to dupe customers. The modern customer can gauge the integrity better due to social connect.



Marketing forecasts have been made for the upcoming year with five particularly prominent ones being listed. First of all, it is understood that Marketing on the Cloud will hit off in 2017 by integrating social media, content, automation and advertising all aligned together. Marketers who can conduct data driven business analytics will rise further as it has been understood to be the best method for predictive marketing. The alignment between marketing and sales will continue as marketers will adopt greater role in the actual selling process. The B2B method of Account Based Marketing or ABM will rise further in importance. An interesting development will be the rise of CMOs to become CEOs as marketing is getting that all-important position.



A report compiled has listed certain digital marketing tactics that are still not being used by most organizations. Within the sub-category of Seacrh Engine Optimization (SEO), certain strategies are being missed such as Link Reclamation. This refers to reclaiming the original URL after switching domains. Firms aren’t optimizing pages enough for navigation purposes meaning Google cannot locate the page easily during keyword searches. At least if the title, description and heading tags can be optimized, then search algorithms find it easier to locate the page. In the content area, few marketers are reviewing the content during messaging. Also buyer personas must be created as it allows the marketing team to segregate the audience based on relevant trends, patterns, behaviours and demographics. Within the field of social media marketing, self profile optimization must be done so that the particular handle can be located easily on the web. Email is still an effective means of reaching the audience for marketing purposes. The social media pages must also be tagged for optimization purposes. The last broad category is conversion optimization. Within this companies must constantly track business analytics to measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign. The practices to have yielded the best of results must be reviewed again to learn from them. Sometimes a sample group of visitors must be engaged so that real time feedback on systems can be assessed.



Project ECHO has been a landmark business innovation within the healthcare industry but now its principles are even being applied to other sectors. It arose when Dr. Sanjeev Arora who is considered as the top authority on Hepatitis C in the state of New Mexico, was unable to deal with the increasing number of cases. So he created this online video based portal to communicate and consult with other specialists worldwide dealing with patients having similar problems. Presently ECHO has ninety four academic or expert hubs across the US and sixteen other countries. Boston is the latest city to enlist the services of ECHO. Like Apple, ECHO now has its share of brand advocates who champion its work done.



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